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10 Must-Haves In Your Boat For A Great Trip


Are you one of those guys that love nothing more than spending a day out on a boat?


Are you one of those guys that love nothing more than spending a day out on a boat? From sharing time with friends and loved ones to walking out in nature and watching the sunset, you look forward to every moment you get to spend out on a boat. Then you surely know the difference between a good and a bad day out on the water is simple. It’s all about preparation. Bringing along the right equipment and supplies is essential. There are certain items you need to have aboard every boat. These things should be on each and every boater’s checklist:

  • Legal documentation – before launching your boat on the public waterways, you need to have a state registration (or less commonly USCG federal documentation) for the boat. In most areas the captain or owner of the boat is also required to carry some form of a photo ID and last but not least, if you’re fishing, you’ll also need to carry your fishing license.
  • Safety gear - having all the safety gear legally required by the USCG is a must but exact requirements may vary depending on the size of your boat and where you do your boating. But these will only be the very basic so any additional safety gear appropriate to the type of boating you do will make things better for you and your crew.
  • A basic first aid kit - check your first aid kit before heading out in your boat to make sure it’s well stocked with the essentials. Safety first!
  • Extra food and water - this is really important because you never know how long it may take to get assistance if there’s a problem out on the water. Water is essential so bring plenty of bottled water. Way more than you think you may need. Staying hydrated is key to enjoying your time out.
  • An anchor and rope – it’s a must-have as these are also considered as a safety gear because setting an anchor can prevent you from drifting into dangerous waters.
  • Basic tools – pliers, extra drain plugs, wrenches and screwdrivers or at least a multi-tool is mandatory for even the simplest of repairs.
  • Socket Set - Buy a portable socket set to keep on board for changing fuel filters or repairing hatch latches. An 11-piece socket set will work well for a smaller boat and won’t take up much storage space.
  • Flashlight and spare batteries for it. Check your signal flares too.
  • Spare spark plugs - Always keep spare spark plugs.
  • A full fuel tank - Make sure you fuel up your boat before you leave. You may also want to have some extra in a spare tank just in case.

And one more essential tip – do not forget to check your trolling motor battery before leaving the dock and if in doubt whether it is still reliable, check on our greatdeep cycle andmarine batteries.

Have lots of fun on the water!

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