Warranty Policy will replace any product that failed to operate due to manufacturer defect, defective materials or other technical defects. A refund for the price of the product will be processed if the item (or a suitable equivalent) is no longer available.

Our UPS batteries (when used in standby applications) come with a standard 1-year warranty and an optional industry-leading 2-year warranty.

Our High Rate UPS batteries come with a standard 2-year warranty and an optional industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Our SLA, Scooter, Mobility, Alarm, Telecom, Lawn Mower and Two-Way Radio batteries come with a competitive 1-year warranty.

SLI Batteries are warranted for a period between 9 and 24 months depending on the group size.

Emergency Ballasts are covered with a 5-year warranty.

All other products are warranted as described in the respective product page.

The warranty period is counted from the delivery date of the item. Products damaged during transportation must be claimed within a 10-day period after delivery.

Warranty exceptions

Tampering with the product (internally or externally) in any way will void the warranty. Our warranty does not cover products that failed to operate due to improper usage, usage in extreme conditions or inappropriate charging. Products damaged by short circuits or defective applications are not covered by the warranty. 

Warranty Claims

When claiming an exchange under warranty the original packing slip and invoice are required. Prior to sending us the product, please contact our representatives as you may be asked to provide us with readings taken with a multimeter. reserves the right to test and examine all returned products and deny the warranty void if any misconduct is found.All shipping costs related to replacing a C&D battery under warranty are covered by the buyer.