Core Charge Policy

What is a Core Charge?

A “Core Charge” is just like a fee you pay for the can of soft drink. In numerous states, to promote reusing, you are charged a fee when you buy a can of soft drink and you can get your fee back once you return the voided can. Numerous car parts have a Core Charge, or also known as Core Price, that works just like the soft drink's can fee. This incentive guarantees batteries are appropriately returned and recycled.

Have you paid the Core charge for your purchase?

ReplaceUPSBattery will charge core fee only for a limited list of products. For these products the core charge is included in the listed price and will be mentioned in the product description online.

Steps you need to follow according to our Core Charge Policy:

  • ReplaceUPSBattery refunds core fees for all SLI batteries returned to our location.
  • However, If you live in a region that isn’t convenient to drop off your old batteries we will assist you in locating a nearby recycling facility.
  • All Returns must be for the same part number you purchased.
  • We cannot refund you with the Core Charge before we receive the batteries at our location.

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Support.