Selecting the Right Battery Type for Your Needs

19th Jun 2014

Not sure which battery to pick? If so, this post is just for you! Nowadays, there are different types of batteries and it is important to know the main characteristics of each type in order to select the right one for your specific needs. The following list will outline the main features of each type of power plant and hopefully it will help you make the right choice:

Lead Acid Batteries: The main characteristic of these batteries is that they do not come from the factory filled with acid. In order to use them you will have to source the acid separately and fill the battery yourself. After filling the battery, you will have to charge it overnight.

  • Pros: Affordable
  • Cons: Time-consuming

Maintenance-Free Lead Acid Batteries: This type of batteries comes with a pre-measured amount of acid, but you will still need to fill the battery, cap it and charge it yourself. They are easier to deal with compared to the lead acid batteries.

  • Pros: Come with pre-measured amount of acid
  • Cons: Time-consuming

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology: The AGM batteries are by far the most popular choice of batteries. They come filled with acid, charged and ready to use. They resist changes in temperatures; vibration and power loss better than the standard lead acid batteries. Also, they tend to be smaller and lighter compared to the previous generation lead acid batteries.

  • Pros: Hassle-free, smaller size, lighter
  • Cons: Slightly more expensive

Gel Batteries: This is a slightly higher-end battery that comes filled with a gel matter. In terms of size, these batteries are smaller and lighter than the AGM batteries. They are more resistant to vibration and can pack a more powerful punch than the previous types of batteries.

  • Pros: Higher-end battery, smaller size, lighter
  • Cons: Expensive

Lithium Ion Batteries: This type of batteries is the most advanced as it combines ultra light weight and huge cranking amps into a significantly smaller package. These batteries are commonly used by racers as they are extremely light.

  • Pros: Ultra light, smaller package
  • Cons: Expensive

If you are still not sure which is the right battery for you, you can always email at Our lovely customer service will help you pick up the right battery.