How to Replace Your Verizon FiOS Battery

23rd Jun 2014

Replacing batteries can be a hassle as most people don’t really have any idea how they can properly handle and work around batteries. Luckily for you, we have got everything covered. This step by step guide will help you replace your Verizon FiOS battery with absolute confidence.

Changing Verizon Fios Battery

But before we go any further, first things first; you need to make sure you are working in a safe environment! Below are some important things to look out for while you are tweaking with batteries.

Things to Keep in Mind While Working with Batteries

Always take the following precautions when it comes to batteries:

  1. Make sure there aren’t any metal objects around. The battery might get shorted if you put any kind of metal object across its terminals or on top of it.
  2. Keep children at a distant from batteries; smaller batteries are choking hazards!
  3. Never put a battery near fire or on a heated surface. Also refrain from smoking while near a battery.
  4. Always have some sort of protection for your eyes, or put on protective eyewear while working around batteries.

Directions for Replacement

The BBU (Broadband Battery Backup Unit) is often found inside the home or outside in the garage. It is typically located in a different area from the ONT (Optical Network Terminal Box). While replacing the battery, make sure you carry out the following steps in a precise manner:

Step 1: Find the BBU and take the cover off of the unit.

Step 2: Take out the existing battery. Make sure you don’t damage any of the connecting wires as they have to be used again.

Step 3: Now carefully start removing both the red and black wires. Have a good look at the manner in which the ends of these wires slide on the terminals of the battery. Make sure you note down this pattern if possible.

Step 4: Take out the new battery from its packaging. Both the positive and negative terminals will be protected by plastic covers. Remove these plastic covers from both terminals. If you don't have a replacement battery you can get one here.

Step 5: Slide the connecting wires onto the terminals of the new battery. Remember that the Red (+) terminal stands for Positive, whereas the Black (-) terminal stands for Negative.

Step 6: The BBU’s red terminal is to be connected with the battery’s red terminal, and the BBU’s black terminal is to be connected with the battery’s black terminal. It’s a simple equation – make sure you don’t get confused with it!

Step 7: Follow the instructions mentioned on the label inside the BBU. They will help you out in successfully replacing the battery in the given compartment.

All done? Congratulations! You’ve successfully replaced your Verizon FiOS battery all by yourself. But before you reward yourself or go off celebrating, remember to put the BBU’s cover back on and seal it up (if necessary). And don’t forget about disposing of your used up batteries in an environmentally friendly manner!