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How To Replace Rbc7 Battery Cartridge On Apc Ups Backup

How to Replace RBC7 Battery Cartridge on APC UPS Backup

APC RBC7 Battery replacement is an easy process if you have the right tools and the replacement battery of course. In the following lines you can read the process of APC RBC7 Battery replacement step by step.

At you can find only High-Quality APC Replacement Batteries. For long and uninterruptible usage of your APC UPS we offer you SigmasTek AGM type Batteries with 30 days money back-guarantee and 1 year warranty. We know that you need your batteries as fast as possible so all Replacement APC Batteries are with Free same day shipping for all states.

The APC RBC7 Replacement Batteries that you can buy from are two types:

The difference between the products is only the fuse holder at the top of the batteries.

What you will need to Replace your APC RBC7 Battery:

  • Replacement APC RBC7 Battery
  • Phillips Head Screw Driver

How to Replace RBC7 Battery on APC UPS Backup

  • Disconnect the UPS from the electricity. Most of APC UPS models are hot swappable but is unnecessary to take the risk.
  • Open the front cover of your UPS
  • Remove the metal plate by unscrewing the screws. The screws are positioned at the top left and right angles of the plate.
  • Slide out the old batteries and disconnect them from the power cable of the UPS. If you want to do the right thing and to protect the environment check our  recycling program.
  • The next step depends on the Replacement Battery you bought or going to buy. If your product is Assembled battery cartridge just plug it to the UPS power cable and put back the plate and the cover.
  • In case you decided to save money and your product is Replacement batteries you should open the plastic covers at the top of the cartridge. Remove the screws from the battery terminals with Phillips head screw driver. Reverse the process with the new Replacement APC Batteries. It is really important to connect red with red and black with black. Connect the assembled replacement cartridge with the UPS power and put back on the plate and front cover. 

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