How to Replace APC Back-UPS RS1000 Battery

20th Jun 2016

How to Replace APC Back-UPS RS1000 Battery step-by-step guide. The main idea of the UPS is to give you back-up power in case of power failure. This is the reason why the battery is the most important part of the APC UPS.
In the most cases the battery life is 2 – 3 years and than the battery will start loosing charge. Because you don’t wont to have less time to save your work we from ReplaceUPSBattery can help you with replacement APC Back-UPS RS1000 Battery.
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How to Replace APC Back-UPS RS1000 Battery

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The replacement batteries that you need are – APC RBC18.

How to Replace APC Back-UPS RS1000 Battery – Video Tutorial

1.Turn the ups unit at one side.

2.The front bottom part of the ups have to be removed.

3.Inside the ups you will see two wires that have to be disconnected from each other.

4.With the wire that is connected to the batteries you can pull the batteries out of the battery compartment.

5.Remove the “SEALs” from the batteries (if you remove them carefully you can use them again).

6.Between the two batteries is a connector – disconnect the batteries from the connector.

7.Connect the new batteries with the connector wires – the red wire (sometimes is yellow) with the red terminal and the black wire with the black terminal.

8.Insert the replacement batteries back to the battery compartment and connect the wires.

9.Connect your APC Back-UPS RS1000 unit to the power. The batteries should be fully charged after 24 hours.

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