How to increase the UPS Battery Life

1st Jun 2016

How to increase the UPS Battery life with tips and tricks. The Battery is the most important part of the UPS Unit. Without good battery inside you have only a plastic box with no purpose. To keep your data safe during a power failure the UPS Battery should be in top condition. To save you money and time we from ReplaceUPSBattery will tell you the top tips and trick for increasing UPS Battery life.

How to increase the UPS Battery Life

Well-known fact is that the best UPS Batteries are from the High-Rate type. However the High-Rate batteries and SLA Batteries in general have limited service life. During the service time the capacity of the UPS Batteries will decrease more than 20 percent’s. In the most cases in the end of the UPS Battery life the run time of the machine will be more than 50 percent’s shorter. In case of power failure you will have twice less time to save your data.

The reason of decreasing UPS Battery life are many and we will give you all tips and tricks we know for increasing battery life.

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The most important tips and tricks for increasing UPS Battery Life

  • The UPS Battery temperature should be less than 85 degree Fahrenheit. If you think that the temperature is more than that unplug the unit for a while.
  • The UPS Battery should be at near full state of charge most of the time.
  • The UPS Battery shouldn’t be at near empty state of charge most of the time.
  • Do not allow the battery to stay unused for long periods of time. After 2 - 3 months in the UPS unplug your PC from the contact and let it drain most of the UPS Battery.