How to change Verizon FiOS Battery

Posted by on 9th Jun 2016

verizon-fios-battery.jpgHow to change Verizon FiOS battery in just a few simple steps. For the most of the Verizon FiOS users changing the battery is not such a simple process. We from will help you change Verizon FiOS battery not only with high-quality replacement battery but also with step-by-step guide how to do it yourself.
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How to know if your Verizon FiOS battery is bad:

  • Every Verizon BBU (Broadband Battery Backup Unit) have a battery testing system and if the you’re Verizon FiOS battery have to be changed you will hear the sound signal.
  • In front of the Verizon BBU unit is located a "Replace Battery" light. If the Light is on the Verizon FiOS have to be changed.

Why the Verizon FiOS battery is important for you?

  • The idea of the Verizon FiOS battery back up is to keep your service working for up to 8 hours in case of power failure.

How to change Verizon FiOS Battery

There are several different ONT & BBU unit models that Verizon is installing. No matter which unit you have the steps of replacing the old Verizon FiOS battery with the new one are similar.

The replacement Verizon FiOS you can find at are:

1. The first step of replacing your Verizon FiOS battery is to unplug the BBU module from the power supply chain.

2. Open the battery compartment.

3. Disengage the locking tab on the battery connector and unplug it.

4. Disengage the retaining clip that holds the battery in place, as well.

5. Remove the battery connectors from the battery.

6. Connect the wires with the new Verizon FiOS battery. Keep in mind that the red wire must be placed in the red terminal and the black wire must be placed in the black terminal.

7. Slide the Replacement battery back in the unit and reinsert the battery connector.

8. Plug the module to the power.

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