How long is the life of your home alarm battery?

Posted by on 6th Mar 2019

How long is the life of your home alarm battery?

Most manufacturers state that the expected battery life for their alarm systems is 3 to 5 years. Rechargeable batteries life span is influenced by a number of factors, so determining its length can’t be accurate. It's hard to say how long the battery will work, as, like other batteries, their life expectancy is determined by the way and frequency of use rather than a certain amount of time. The alarm system batteries are not actually used to power the system but to maintain it in the event of a power failure. These sealed lead-acid rechargeable batteries are constantly charged by the control panel to be maintained fully charged. In case of power outage or another problem that affects the main power supply of the alarm panel, it starts using battery power. This is called "backup power" and therefore batteries are used in security systems.

A lot of fire detection systems also use rechargeable batteries in case of power outage. Such batteries are also used in many access control panels. Frequently used in home alarm systems is the 12 volt 7 amp hours battery (12V 7Ah). In addition, they are commonly used in fire detection, alarm, and access control systems. Occasionally, 12V 7Ah batteries are used in back-up power supply devices. However, batteries are not the primary source of power for all security systems though they are extremely important since they ensure that life-saving and security systems will not stop working when the power supply stops.

Installing or replacing the battery in a home alarm system is quite simple because the connections are clearly marked with the corresponding color - red and black cables respectively for plus and minus. Same terminal colors apply for car batteries or other SLA batteries. Simply connect the red cable to the red terminal and the black cable to the black terminal, and your battery is ready to provide backup power to your alarm system in the event of a power failure. Some systems may require you to clear the low battery indication on the keyboard. After replacing the battery, it may take up to three hours to clear the low battery indicator on the control panel or keypad until the new battery is charged by the control panel.

How long is the life of your home alarm battery?

Most alarm panels and keyboards have a sound and/or visual indication of a low battery, and you can then call a technician or replace the battery yourself. It is also important to know that the old battery should be recycled rather than disposed of in the waste bin. Please take a look at our Battery Recycling Program.

Regularly scheduled maintenance of the batteries in your alarm systems must take place at regular intervals. If tests prove unsatisfactory, replacing your batteries is a must. The test is done very quickly and easily, as most modern security systems have a switch (test button) that gives you accurate information about your battery status. Pressing this button activates the circuit breaker test of the device (simulating the loss of electrical power). If the battery is not good you do not protect your home reliably.

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