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Learn how to choose the best battery for your solar panels


Looking for the best battery for solar applications? See some tips how to choose the best one online.

First of all – Why do you need a battery for solar applications?

  • During peak hours there is amount of electricity that customer needs to buy. With battery added to the solar panel system, the extra solar energy can be stored and used during the hours of peak electricity demand.
  • You can buy less electricity from the grid.
  • You can store power and use this backup in case of power outages.

  • How to find the best solar battery?
    There are different types of solar batteries and sometimes people get confused which is the priority criteria and which is the best battery to power solar energy systems.

    There are some specifications that may help.

    Capacity and Power ratings
    The amount of electricity that a battery can store is the capacity of the battery. You can increase the capacity by adding multiple batteries. See how to increase the capacity of the battery here.

    Battery Round Trip Efficiency
    This is the round trip DC-to-storage-to-DC energy efficiency of the storage bank, or the fraction of energy put into the storage that can be retrieved. Typically it is about 80%. A higher round trip efficiency means more economic value of the battery.

    Depth of discharge
    Depth of discharge (DoD) is used to describe how deeply the battery is discharged. If a battery is 100% charged the DoD of it is 0%. If the battery have used 30% of its energy and 70% of the battery energy is reserved that means the DoD of the battery is 30%. The higher DoD is the more of the battery capacity can be utilized.

    Battery life
    The best Solar Batteries are High-Rate type. However for all battery types the capacity of the battery will decrease during the service life. It depends of the manufacturer and the warranty of the battery. There are some tips that you can use to increase your battery life. You may check them here.

    Warranty policy depends on the manufacturer. For most of our batteries this is standard 1-year warranty and an optional industry-leading 2-year warranty. You may check he whole warranty policy for our products here.

    The batteries shouldn’t stay unused for long periods of time. Proper maintenance and usage can give a significant effect to batteries lifespan.

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