Recycling Program

Most electronics in use today require batteries to run. While this is something we don't give much thought, batteries are a potential threat to the environment. The magnitude of the problem is often overlooked especially because most people don’t realize the kinds of chemicals that batteries contain and are unaware of the recycling processes associated with their disposal.

You can Save Money and also Save the Planet!

REDUCE battery usage by maintaining and using properly your batteries in order to extend their life.

REUSE - stop buying single use batteries and replace them with rechargeable ones.

RECYCLE - Do the right thing - ♲ recycle your batteries and get discounts from!

We strive to protect the environment, reduce waste and preserve natural resources by offering cost effective battery recycling solutions for businesses, government organizations and households across the United States.

We will readily recycle any brand, model and size of Sealed Lead Acid and Lead Acid battery.

  • Recycle up to 500lbs - get 10% off your next purchase
  • Recycle over 500lbs - we will provide transportation and cover the shipping cost

How it works?

Just give us a call at (800) 409-0250 or fill out the form below. One of our representatives will get back to you within the next 10 minutes with additional information. As we are working with a number of EPA Certified Recycling Facilities across the United States we will determine the one closest to your ZIP code, making sure that you will pay minimal shipping cost.